Check out the information and links on this page for details on Calgary schools and their catchment areas.

Calgary has an excellent school system with a little something to suit every family. From a wide range of pre-schools through to top level post secondary schools. The schools that best suit your family's needs will influence where you choose to live.

Calgary has two major school boards as well as private schools & charter schools. For details on each you must contact the ones of interest directly.


Pre-schools in Calgary are for 3 and 4 year olds and are not mandatory in Alberta. Most pre-schools are privately run or community based and offer a wide range of services, sizes and costs. Most programs are half day programs. 

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE)

The CBE is Calgary's public school board and runs schools from kindergarten to grade 12. There are main stream schools offering al the basics as well as speciality ones focused on: arts, sciences, sports or languages. The traditional model for Calgary schools has been elementary (K-6), middle school (7-9), high school (10-12). Some variations of this structure are showing up in new schools being built to better accommodate student populations.

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Calgary Catholic School Board (CCSD)

The Calgary Catholic school system is structured much the same as the Calgary public board. CCSD is smaller than CBE and offers fewer specialities, but does offer language immersion programs.

Religion is the core of this board but the Roman catholic Church does not have jurisdiction over CCSD schools. 

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Charter Schools

Charter schools are publicly funded independent schools that have a fixed term charter to provide an education to a specific discipline. Types of chart schools include: girls only programs, science & tech programs, gifted programs and a variety of others. These schools come with an added cost to parents and draw their student body from across the city.

Private Schools

Private schools offer additional options to those that choose this option. These schools are usually partially funded by the province but a major source of operating revenue comes directly from the student's family. There are two distinct types: accredited where schools are required to follow the CBE system and write provincial exams and registered which are not governed by the province but are expected to achieve similar results.

Post Secondary Schools

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