Calgary Future Home Seller's Guide

Welcome, a little of our background is that we have at least 15x more experience than Calgary's average agent & use the latest & most effective home marketing tools available to get our clients the very best results.

We will:
*Get to know you so we understand your needs, time lines & expectations to ensure we know what you expect & then layout the best marketing plan to accomplish your goals.

*Educate you to the market to help you choose the best list price to accomplish your goals.

 *Help you prepare & stage your property to sell for top dollar, quicker.

*Explain how our experience will not only get you better results, but will ensure you avoid costly mistakes.

 *Show you why we do more high quality marketing than most agents & how it helps us get you better results.

 *Show how we stay in contact with you at all times.

 *Get everything organized for you from day one to ensure a smooth sale.

We don't try to be everything to everybody. We just work hard to be the very best agent for you.

Calgary Market Conditions: We will completely review current market conditions in your community & type/price range of homes most similar to yours with you. To ensure you are well educated to competition & market conditions.

Pricing Your Home: Together we will review market conditions & current competition to establish an accurate range of value for your property.

Preparing Your Home to sell for Top Dollar: We have worked with professional property investor/flippers & know the SIX key things they do to sell their properties quicker for more. We will review these items with you in our "Fit to Sell" pre-listing program & show you what you can do to sell your home for more.

Steele Group's Qualifications: All agents are not equal and  they do not get the same results. In fact it's not even close.

  • Over 25 years of award winning experience.
  • Over 850 Calgary homes SOLD.
  • We work with Canada's and the world's #1 Real Estate network, Remax.
  • #1 producing Remax Mountain View agent many times.
  • AWARD MLS Million Dollar Club .
  • AWARD Remax Executive Club.
  • AWARD Remax President's Club.
  • AWARD Remax 100% Club.
  • AWARD Remax Platinum Club.
  • AWARD Remax Chairman's Club.
  • AWARD Remax Life Time Achievement Club.
  • AWARD Remax Hall of Fame. 
  • AWARD Both Rookies of the year their first year with Remax.
  • Often Top 100 agent in Western Canada.
  • Certified Residential specialists.
  • Certified Condo specialists.
  • University Business degree.
  • 2nd & 3rd generation Calgarians.
  • Large network of industry professionals to assist us.
  • Two top agents working for you at all times.
  • 1,000's of Happy Past Clients.

Our Custom Marketing Program: We spend more & do more marketing because we know it gets you more. 

  • Up to 50 High quality professional edited HD photos.
  • Custom HD video of your property (sample below).
  • 4 page full colour property brochures.
  • Listing on dozens of the TOP Real Estate web sites.
  • Will be immediately emailed to all registered buyers looking for a home like yours.
  • Access to our extensive buyer network.
  • Feature New Listing ad in the Calgary Real Estate News. 
  • Promotion on our personal website.
  • Featured on our Facebook, Instagram and You Tube social media sites.
  • Paid social media ads.
  • Just Listed fliers.
  • 1,000's of monthly marketing mail outs.
  • Feature ad in our monthly community newsletter.
  • Exposed to Remax's international relocation network.
  • Feature ad in our bi-weekly marketing email.
  • Professional Re/max signage to show you are working with Canada's most experienced agents.
  • Saturday Open Houses.

Sample Video:

Types of Agents

There are 5,000+ Real Estate agents in Calgary to choose from. On the last survey 3632 sold fewer than 5 homes a year and 278 sold more than 30 homes a year. The question you need to ask yourself is: Which agent will get me the best results?

  1. A highly experienced professional agent or agent  team with Canada's #1 Real Estate network that has sold more than 850 Calgary homes and has cutting edge tools and systems to help you with. Has a very high customer satisfaction rating and will provide you with exceptional personalized one on one service. (the group we are in)
  2. A highly experienced professional agent or agent  team that has sold 100's of homes and has cutting edge tools and systems to help you with. Has a good customer satisfaction ratings and will most likely delegate you to a less qualified team member to assist you.
  3. A seasoned agent who has been around a long time and usually gets average results, but lacks the cutting edge systems and tools to get you the best results.  
  4. An agent that verbally promises you the world but can't actually show you anything in writing as to what they do. 
  5. A new agent that has few tools, no plan and no experience. Everyone has to learn, but do you want them learning while trying to sell your most valuable possession?
  6. A discount agent that charges you less. Charging you less commissions doesn't mean they are going to put more money in your pocket. It just means they are going to charge less, do less and get you less. They will not get you the same results as a top agent who professionally markets and negotiates for you.

The choice is yours. It takes hard work, a ton of experience and cutting edge tools and systems to get top dollar for your home. Anything less, gets you less. Our goal from day one was to provide our clients with the highest level of service and commitment possible to ensure their family's always get the best results. 

Selling Costs

When you sell a home the most expected selling costs are:

  • Real Estate commissions: in Calgary the most widely used commission structure is, 7% of the first one hundred thousand dollars of sale price and 3% of the balance of sale price. Fifty percent of which goes to the listing agent and the other fifty percent goes to the buyers agent.
  • Current Real Property Report: if required are up to $800+.
  • Condominium documents: if required are up to $500.
  • Any repair costs to prepare your property.
  • Lawyer fees.
  • Moving costs.

Choosing a List Price

How do you properly choose a list price for your home?  You sit down with us and review market conditions and all similar area homes for sale or that have recently sold. Remember buyers shop the market and see multiple homes and fully understand property values before buying. Sellers on the other hand don't. Sellers need to be equally educated to the market.

We will educate you about the market and together we will create a range of value for your property. Why a range of value? No one knows the motivation of every buyer, especially when they've never met them. We know the market and have seen 1,000's of homes and use that knowledge to guide you.

We all know an extremely motivated buyer will pay more for a property than a less motivated buyer. The question no one can answer is what type of buyers are looking for homes like yours right now?

Our range of value goes like this:

  • At the top end of the range is a price that's designed to target ONLY the top 5% or less of potential buyers (the most extremely motivated buyers). If there are any at this time.
  • In the middle is a price designed to target the top 20% of buyers (highly motivated buyers). If there are any at this time. 
  • At the bottom of the range (which is far from the bottom of the market) is a price designed to target the top 40% of buyers (motivated buyers). There are almost always buyers in this range.

Relating price to the percentage of the market you will be targeting, is an easier way to understand pricing.  If you are comfortable with a 5% chance of selling, you'd select the top price. If you'd like to increase your chance of selling by 4X's you'd select middle price. If you are in a falling market, the property has some issues, or you need to sell quickly the bottom price in the range might be for you.

You get ONE chance to be new on the market and that is when you will have the greatest chance of getting top price. If you over-price your property history shows us you will most likely sell for less.

At the Steele Group we believe in working harder and taking the extra time to ensure our clients reach their goals. The pre-listing portion of the home selling process is an EXTREMELY CRITICAL step.

What you need to sell your home

  • Contact us to help you.
  • Sign a listing contract.
  • A current Real Property report. 
  • Current condo documents (condos only).
  • Property title.
  • A list of the most recent repairs or upgrades to your home.
  • Properly prepare your home to sell.
  • Properly stage your home to sell.

Please drop us a note. We would like to meet with you. 

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