Our Guarantee 

We guarantee to always provide you with top individual service and put yours and your family's needs first.
For the majority clients their home is much more than just a place to live or raise a family, it's often the largest single financial investment in their future. With our professional help we will ensure you make great decisions in both buying and selling.

Get All the Listings & Market Information

We work with you to ensure you're properly educated to market conditions and know about all listings that suit your criteria or compete with your property sale. We setup a custom search to suit your exact needs to ensure you always know about New homes of interest entering the second they come on the market. Whether buying or selling a home in Calgary we have a detailed plan to ensure nothing gets missed. We are constantly working behind the scenes to find our buyers new listings that aren't yet on the MLS system. As well for our sellers, we are always out working and networking with other agents to promote your property to their buyers. 

Inside Information

Whether you're a buyer or a seller we have insider information on EVERY THING REAL ESTATE. With over twenty five years of hands on Real Estate experience as well as being born and raised Calgarians we have got a lot of knowledge others just don't have. It might be about zoning issues, future developments, home and construction issues, areas to watch out for, property trends and much more.

Have a TOP Professional Real Estate Agent on Your Team

Many Real Estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process. When we represent you, you can be assured the most experienced agent in the negotiation is on your team and that we will get you the best deal possible. We have a specialist connection for every potential issue that can arises and have the experience to know what the best most cost effective solution will be.
We have been involved in a 1,000+ negotiations and that's a lot of experience on your side. We have developed a proven detailed marketing plan for both our buyers and sellers to ensure top results, Always.

Get the Best Results

Few agents have our depth of knowledge and experience to protect your family. We never rest and we're always learning and growing our services to better serve our clients.

The better we do today the better you do tomorrow. 

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