Calgary Home Seller's Guide

To help you sell your home for top dollar, we have created this detailed "Home Seller's Guide"

Getting you and your family the best price and terms for your home is our #1 goal. Having SOLD over 850 Calgary properties we know a thing or two about how to get our sellers top dollar, quicker and easier. Most agents lack the resources, marketing plan or experience we have. In today's fast paced world you have only seconds to get a buyers attention. We have been professional property investors for years and bought and sold many of our own properties and know exactly what needs to happen to sell for top dollar.

Please ensure you have sent us a full  list of any additional information on your home you feel would be to helpful to us in the marketing. This information is on anything you feel we should know as well as a list of upgrades and renovations if any for the last ten years.

We work very hard for our sellers to get their family's TOP DOLLAR. This takes a lot of experience, marketing and hard work to happen. We are not your average agent and we do not get our clients average results.

 Included in our guide:

  • "Fit to Sell Guide" and Checklist to selling your home for top dollar quicker and easier.
  • Getting a new Real Property Report
  • How showing will be booked.
  • How to show your home like a Pro.
  • Our powerful property promotion program which includes online, on site and in person marketing
  • What a purchase contract looks like for single family and condominium.
  • Dealing with offers.
  • Agent feed back on showings.
  • The market sets home prices. What is the market telling me?

Preparing Your Home to Sell for TOP Dollar

Declutter and remove excess belongings. Buyers are looking for space and if your's is over flowing with stuff they won't get the best first impression of your home. This relates to all items including excess furniture in rooms that impede traffic flow. It's best to move excess possessions off site, but if that is not possible box and neatly stack them in a corner of the basement or garage.

Repair and replace dated or damaged items. All buyers making an offer on your home will include a home inspection condition in their offer. All problems will show up in the inspection report and may cause you to loose an offer or cost you far more to rectify at that time than if they were dealt with before your home went on the market.

We use our experience from viewing 1,000's of homes to go through every inch of your's to point out the highest priority items needing attention (we have contacts to help in most areas).  We are professional property renovators and know exactly what to do to ensure you maximize your selling price and have the least stress doing it.

Staging your home just makes sense. We try to use what you already have and make suggestions on where to place items to maximize the appeal to buyers. We often suggestions adding some pops of current colours with inexpensive decorative items. We can even recommend a professional property stager if required. Why not show your best? It will help you sell quicker.

Clean and prep your home for day  one. Do your best to keep it the same condition for all showings. I know it's difficult I've sold homes with dogs and kids before, but it's short term pain for long term gain. Buyers immediately pick up on odours and condition. Far to many home sellers don't do the things it takes to sell for top dollar. We are here to make sure you and your family get every penny possible.

NOTE: All items physically attached to your home and property will be considered as part of the property and will be legally required to be left unless, all attached items are unattached from the home and property prior to an offer being accepted.

 Real Property Reports

All sellers in Alberta are required to have a CURRENT Real property Report. This is a document that shows where all improvements on the land are located. If you have purchased a home in the last 30 years you should have one. The questions is is it up to date? It is if it shows all houses, additions, decks, fences etc on it as currently built with a city compliance stamp. If not a new one is required. You can contact the surveyor listed on your current one to come out and do an update or call Element surveys 403-286-7937 (a company we often use) or any other surveyor of your choice. The Real Property report which is a combination of the survey and a compliance stamp from city hall will cost in the area of $850. and take roughly 3 weeks to complete.

The banks will not fund any mortgage without this document, so don't delay.

How to Show Like a Pro

  • Receive either a text, email or phone call the second an agent contacts us to book a showing.
  • Ensure the exterior grass is cut or snow shovelled.
  • Ensure your home is clean and neat.
  • Leave porch lights as well as interior lights on if showings will be after dark.
  • Turn on soft background music.
  • Leave all blinds open and some windows cracked.
  • Leave property brochures in an easy to find location.
  • Ensure all pets are out of the home.

Promoting Your Property to Leave the Competition Behind

Selling your home for top dollar takes experience and hard work. Every step we use has been tested and proven to get our clients better results. There are many things done behind the scenes to promote your property, we have listed some below.

In today's world 90%+ of buyers will discover your home online or through social media. We have a very powerful top end presence in both. The real key to the entire process is treating potential buyers and their agents in a knowledgable and respectful manor.

  • Prepare your home to sell like a professional property flipper.
  • A professional photographer will shoot dozens of HD quality images of your home.
  • Your home will be featured on most top Real Estate web sites including ours.
  • Your home will be highlighted on our Facebook and Instagram social media pages.
  • Create multi page fully colour on site property brochures.
  • We place a new listing ad in the Calgary Real Estate news on your property.
  • Your home will be a featured in our monthly newsletter.
  • We conduct Saturday open houses on a regular bases.
  • We are available to take buyer and agent calls personally 7 days a week.

Dealing with Offers

When a buyer or their agent makes you an offer, it's normally expected that the offer will be negotiated and signed the same day it was made. When dealing with the offer we always make you aware of all of the options available, and make suggestions as to the one we believe has the highest chance of accomplishing your goals.

We have negotiated 1,000's of property offers over the years and have very good instincts and strong market knowledge behind our decisions. The strongest negotiator is the one that will get the best results.

All offers deal with the same items:

  • Price
  • Possession
  • Chattels (things that stay with the home like fridge etc)
  • Conditions of purchase

Price: is straight forward the buyer wants to pay the least and you want the most. Negotiating you the highest price takes experience.

Possession date: is the date the money is exchanged, and the buyers take possession of your home. 

Chattels: are as mentioned and usually are not an issue until a buyer wants something additional left with the purchase. We have an excellent way of dealing with this to help our sellers.

Purchase conditions: should be no longer than 5-6 business days. The most common conditions are: home inspection, financing, review of condo documents (if a condo). These we can discussed in further detail when we talk.

Agent Feed Back on Showings

We always send an agent who has shown one of our listings a request for feedback. This is not a comfortable position for the buyers agent to be put in and most will not provide feed back of any kind. Those that do we will pass on to you.

If an agent pressures us for feed back we will always tell them that we appreciated them letting us show the home and will get back to them if our buyer has any future interest. No feeling are hurt, we've represented our buyers interests and the sellers agent is left to do the job they were hired to do.

If we do our job properly, the agent and their buyer will have all the information on your home. If a buyers agent has a specific question they can't answer about your home they will contact us directly.

The Market Sets Home Prices

You have priced your home where you want it. Over the next couple of weeks one of these things will happen:

  1. You sell.
  2. You get lots of activity and no offers or acceptable offers.
  3. You get some activity, but no offers.
  4. You get no activity.

The market is telling us something. If we are seeing strong activity, stay at this price point for another week. If you are seeing no activity, you should consider reducing your asking price. Unless the market is a strong sellers market staying put at a price you are not seeing proper activity at will mostly likely continue to get the same activity or less, as we've already seen.

We will review the market with you every two weeks to ensure your properly informed. 

Thank you for choosing us to help you...